Disclaimer & Dispute handling

If the site sales system crashes or is not working properly due to force majeure or other uncontrollable reasons, the online transaction can not be completed or the relevant information, records, etc., the site will not be responsible. But we will be reasonably possible to assist in dealing with the aftermath and to strive to reduce the number of possible economic losses.
We can charge the buyer according to the requirements of the buyer, but our obligation is limited to delivery on time, encountered logistics (postal) accident to assist the buyer to inquire, do not assume any logistics (postal) to provide compensation to customers, All inquiries are handled in accordance with the provisions of the logistics (postal). The buyer shall not seek compensation until the full term of the logistics (postal service) is full. Remind the buyer must verify the receipt of a detailed address and consignee phone, so as not to delay delivery. Where shopping in the shop, are deemed to agree to this statement.

Dispute handling

If there is any dispute between the customer and the website, it may be settled on the basis of the agreement or the relevant law.