Privacy Policy

Security's goal is to make the guests safe, convenient and worryless to shop.
When customers use as a shopping, confirm that the order is connected to the payment page (such as paypal, visa, master) that is Secure Server Software (SSL) to protect your private information. Under the full protection of SSL, your personal information (name, address, credit card number) will not be disclosed to others.

Personal privacy

  1. We collect your personal information including e-mail address will only be used for the following purposes: to provide online shopping services; merchandise marketing and promotion; to meet the shopping order needs; order processing and settlement payments; shopping account registration; website information and account communication; And related, triggering caused by communication, collectively ("our service"). You may choose not to fill in certain information, but incomplete information may lead to the inability to successfully complete the purchase order or may not be able to enjoy the promotion of our website.
  2. Any personal ID information provided by Littlegirlltd is handled exclusively by the system. We also recommend that account holders do not disclose and keep account of the account ID and content information of Littlegirlltd to protect personal data from being disclosed. Please contact us immediately if you find any information such as your personal ID / account content without the authorization of an individual ID holder. We will do our best to assist you in helping to prevent further unauthorized use.
  3. Personal information about Littlegirlltd will only be disclosed under the requirements of laws, regulations, government departments or law enforcement agencies.
  4. Your personal information data will be kept confidential and the email account information will only be commissioned by third parties to carry out important business activities in certain circumstances. The franchise in Littlegirlltd will include third-party service providers such as: handling credit card transactions, completing orders and shipping packages. In order to complete the service, they need to process the personal data, but make sure that the personal data will not be used for other purposes.
  5. Our website contains links and / or pictures that connect you to third party websites. We will not be responsible for any such action if you have any personal information provided by a third party website and all risks will be borne by you personally.
  6. In Littlegirlltd will not sell, sell or transfer your personal information to a third party.