Order Status

Each order completed, will go through a variety of conditions, we will be the latest status displayed in the order page, so that you can more easily understand the latest status of the order, and instant tracking delivery progress, the successful completion of the entire purchase process.


The following is a simple explanation of the order:


Unpaid: choose "online payment", successful orders but not paid.

Paid: Choose "Online payment", successful order and successful payment.

Pending: Your order has been printed successfully and ready for shipment.

Processing: Your order is ready for shipment.

Shipped: Your order has been shipped.

Good Received: The recipient has confirmed receipt.

Completed: This transaction has been processed successfully.

Has requested a return: You have applied for a return.

Return: Customer service has confirmed the application, is now processing returns.

Refund: Retiring money.

Changed: You have requested a replacement.

In the replacement: customer service has been confirmed, is now dealing with replacement.

Canceled: Closed or canceled order.